How many times has your school wanted to target the international student market and found out that the agencies won’t let you in?

What can you do nowadays about the dominance of the agencies? In today’s market, literally, not so much. You unfortunately go where the wind blows and hope for leads. 

How do you market your school?

  • Agents?
  • Education fairs?
  • Visit agents?
  • Word of mouth?
  • Google ads?
  • Newspaper ads?
  • Online banners?


All of these methods have some impact, but there is a new way to promote your educational programs locally and internationally.

INDAGO is an Online Education Agency Platform, and we are the biggest education marketplace in Canada. We have tens of thousands of educational programs online. Our mission is to map the entire Canadian educational system and from that create a genuine marketplace. We allow students to browse and find the programs that best fit their educational aspirations.

INDAGO is a tech company, and we strive to create a transparent and safe atmosphere for our clients. And for that, we created our Journey Roadmap tool, which means that from the moment that students select your school program, all the steps that follow until the student arrives in Canada are recorded in our system and exposed to every company and organization that are involved in this Journey — from the student’s country of origin until s/he sits in your classroom in Canada.

Who is exposed to this Journey Roadmap? 

  • Student himself
  • Students’ parents
  • Regional partners
  • Your marketer
  • Insurance company
  • Accommodation facility (Homestay provider)


On every step of this journey, the student is accompanied, never alone, and never falling between the cracks. INDAGO is always there to make sure that the journey is smooth and pleasant.

Our services for students include help with:

  • Paperwork with school
  • Student permit (by lawyers or ICCRC consultants)
  • Flight ticket purchase
  • Pick up from the airport
  • Medical insurance
  • Accommodation
  • And much more…


Allow your school to have a fair share of the market based on performance and rates provided by other students. Your school gets to build a profile and enjoy important exposure, for free, to hundreds of thousands of students locally and worldwide.

Our students enjoy a powerful search engine, a genuine marketplace, reviews, comments and ratings. It’s so easy for your school to stand up and showcase your programs.


INDAGO is the Expedia of the educational market. 

At the moment, INDAGO operates from an office in Vancouver and we plan to expand to other countries in the nearest future — Korea, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, and more.


We are a Vancouver — based tech company. We act as your online agent.

Join us today.